Prepare New Series Ubisoft Splinter Cell Blacklist addition?

Ubisoft is already confirmed that Sam Fisher will be back in a new adventure on the Blacklist. Third Ecelon leader who looks increasingly young were already prepared to combat new terrorist groups that threaten the national security of the United States – Blacklist. Through a variety of trailers and screenshots, Fisher looks more resilient, not only from stealth action which still plays an important portion, but also its ability to fight openly. Set to be released next year, Splinter Cell: Blacklist apparently is not the only project Splinter Cell which is being developed by Ubisoft. This is evident from a new teaser released through their official Facebook account and visit mobile strike cheats.


A teaser image released by Ubisoft via their Facebook account. Although it is not so obvious, but the images are dominated by black is giving shape figure representing the bottom face of Sam Fisher. What’s behind the image of this one? Ubisoft did not give any details about it. Ubisoft just promised to release more information if they get Like a certain amount. Various speculations arose related to this teaser. Most believe that this is a teaser of Splinter Cell: The Movie which had been rumored for a long time. Or is this a sign of a new addition to the series Splinter Cell Blacklist? Everything is still a mystery today.

New screenshots Dead Space 3 Display Space Exploration

Of all the franchise newcomers are trying to present a survival-horror atmosphere that prevailed from Visceral Games Dead Space may be regarded as one of the most successful. A unique space-theme into the proper foundation for creating an intimidating game proper, where darkness and silence plays an essential element in it. Successful put the fear in the two previous series, Visceral is currently developing Dead Space 3, a series that is claimed to offer a new, more intense experience. However, doubts had erupted after a few screenshots and trailer released last it shows the impression of setting ala Lost Planet is so thick. Something that ultimately denied by Visceral through several screenshots of their latest release dokkan battle cheats.


Dead Space gamers fans which are not anxious to see the development direction that seeks implemented by EA and Visceral in the third series. Instead of being stuck in a tense atmosphere in outer space, Visceral precisely focused “promote” the action of Isaac Clarke in an ice planet – Tau Volantis, which is now inhabited by a variety of new enemy types. If you are one of those gamers who are anxious about this, six new screenshots released by Visceral Games would provide little sobriety. Attractive Dead Space 3 returned to its roots, we finally saw a small part of action Clarke returned to explore the dark and sunyinya space.

Dead Space 3 itself will be released in February 2013 for the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. And i feel relieved, for some reason, seeing Clarke fighting for his own life in the deep of space ..

EA Preparing to Develop New Need For Speed

As if inspired by the success of Activision managed to take maximum advantage of its flagship FPS franchise – Call of Duty, Electronic Arts also decided to pursue the same strategy for its flagship racing game franchise – Need For Speed. As if trying to maintain the momentum that they get the best of each series were released, Need For Speed ​​has now developed into a series you’ll find every year. Preparing Need For Speed: Most Wanted for the year 2012, EA did not slow to exploit this franchise further. They even reportedly began developing a new series for him and visit nba live mobile cheats.


This information is obtained from the vacancy opened by one of the branch offices of EA itself. EA Gothenburg newly built earlier this year opened up so many vacancies that everything will be focused on developing new series Need for Speed. As most of us already know, EA Gothenburg was created with one main mission, maximizing main weapon EA – Frosbite Engine 2.0 for a variety of existing products. By choosing Gothenburg, it is certain that the next NFS series will once again use the Frostbite as the main foundation. Cooperation between EA and Criterion Gothenburg will be interesting to observe the interaction.

One disadvantage of the presence of a series that continue to be released every year is the vulnerability of the emergence of boredom and monotony. Simply rely Frostbite Engine? Not necessarily a guarantee that the latest series Need For Speed ​​will appear charming granted. How about you? Are you still anticipate or have already started to feel bored with the annual franchise this one?

Green Arrow Joins Injustice

Gamers fighting fans which do not look forward to welcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us, the ambitious project of developer Mortal Kombat – Netherrealm Studios? Coming up with the atmosphere of gameplay that must be recognized similar, Injustice will combine the best of characters and villains of DC Comics universe and brought in one epic battle arena. Not just exchanging punches, lasers, and explosions, gamers will also get a variety of cinematic attacks that will amaze your eyes. Along with the development process which is still ongoing, the anticipation is growing stronger as more fighters confirmed for him. The latest? Say hello to the archer sniper – Green Arrow.


Through a latest trailer, Injustice confirming the presence of Green Arrow as a mainstay fighter in Injustice: Gods Among Us. This trailer shows a fighting style which is quite balanced between melee and range. His arrows will not only damage, but also a variety of status effects that will make you more effective combo. Green Arrow will also be equipped with a variety of melee attacks are fairly balanced, where the speed will be a key strategy seems best. You can see his behavior was passing the trailer below. Green Arrow will be the tenth character Injustice after Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, Solomon Grundy, Nightwing, Harley Quinn and Catwoman and get DBZ dokkan battle astuce.

New Single Player Content Bioware’s Mass Effect 3: Omega

Bioware finally provide some information regarding downloadable content in the single player role-playing game of their flagship, Mass Effect 3. The DLC will be available in the upcoming November 2012 will carry the name Omega!

Omega-called Bioware as one of the largest downloadable content that they are prepared to expand the single player mode in Mass Effect 3. In accordance with the name lifted, the DLC will carry content related to Omega space station, which is one of the locations that had visited Shepard Mass Effect 2.


Based on the information provided Bioware in a teaser on their official website, Omega will carry the story of Aria T’loak, “the ruler of the original” Omega, in ousting Cerberus who come and seize the space station out of his hands. To increase his chances of recapturing Omega, Aria seek help Shepard and his army. Of course, in addition to the content of the story, Bioware will include some other new things that could be found for the players play the Omega content and visit clash of clans hack .

Omega downloadable content will be available to fans of Mass Effect 3 on 27 November. To obtain the downloadable content, players must spend US $ 14.99, or 1200 Microsoft Points for players who play the game on Xbox 360.

Treyarch defends Engine Game Call of Duty

Most developers are working on new series will usually experience a complex development process. Not just created a new fabric of the story or start building a world more interesting design, not a few developers who started this process by providing an engine that is completely new. A significant process that never became part of the Call of Duty for 6 years. Compared with competitors franchise, Activision prefer to do their legacy engine modifications to strengthen the latest series. A policy was also defended by Treyach own.


Policies that one is indeed time to invite criticism from various parties, especially when noting how competitors franchise comes with charming visuals leap. But the director of Treyach own designer – David Vonderhaar defend this policy. According to him, although based on older engines, modification of visualization applied to each new series COD represents a new engine. Example? Engine used for COD: Black Ops 2 is reinforced with a variety of new features. Vonderhaar stated that Treyach have to completely change the UI system, rendering, lighting, and the core gameplay for this new series. The ultimate goal? Ensuring this game can run in framerate ternyaman – 60 FPS, even for the console though and visit Dokkan Battle Astuce.

Apart from a variety of claims created by Treyach, the development of visualization offered COD admittedly, not as significant as that offered by DICE and Crytek through their flagship franchise respectively. But if the visualization will play an important role which will determine how well you enjoy Call of Duty? The selection will be returned to each of you personally.

Central CyberConnect2 Develop New RPG .hack

Of all the existing Japanese RPG game, .hack it should be recognized as a unique one. How come? He may be the only RPG that makes the world of MMORPG “fiction” as the main theme. The complexity of the story itself is supported by a variety of anime and manga to strengthen the existing story. But after the success capturing the hearts of gamers, .hack as sinks for granted. Although CyberConnect2 preparing a spin-off series that will carry the fighting genre, not a gamer fan of this franchise is more forward to welcoming its latest series of RPGs. A wait that may be sweet fruit in the near future.


At the Comic Con event in New York, United States, the president and CEO of CyberConnect2 – Hiroshi Matsuyama offers a good news for gamers who might have been long anticipated presence of the latest RPG for the .hack series. Matsuyama publicly stated that today they have a new .hack title which unfortunately, can not be published to the public. He also can not divide any information associated with it, in addition to assuring that the latest .hack RPG version will adapt a series of new gameplay ideas. When will you be able to enjoy it? Matsuyama promised to provide more updates related series that plan would not only be released for this console, but also handhelds and visit clash of clans cheats.
Matsuyama confirm the latest RPG .hack. Interested to anticipate?

If you are a gamer .hack fans, wait for more new information from the mouth of Matsuyama in the near future. With the condition of the Japanese RPG increasingly downturn, the latest .hack presence would be very good news. Hopefully he is able to offer a charming first impression.

First sighting Desmond in Assassin’s Creed III

Altair, Ezio and Connor might live in 3 different historical period, but all three are closely related to one another. In addition to the crucial role as an assassin who create change through various murders they do, Altair, Ezio and Connor are just characters “fiction” is revived. Using a machine called the Animus, a trip down the genetic memory for the answer to a mystery that will determine the fate of the world do. In the end, all this red thread falls on the figure of Desmond Miles, the main character franchise Assassin’s Creed primary and visit mobile strike cheats.


After quite a long time to introduce Assassin’s Creed III and Connor focuses on the figure to be “played” in the US Revolutionary War, Ubisoft finally showed for the first time, the figure of Desmond Miles in this new series. After the expiration of the memory of Ezio in the series Revelations, Desmond was taken towards a secret place mysterious at the ending. Although not much information that can be extracted from the latest screenshots, you can see how a team that accompany Desmond Animus for this still persists. A new figure of a man suspected the father of Desmond himself is also shown.

Still Difficult Presents Bethesda Skyrim DLC for the Playstation 3

Of all the world Skyrim offered by Bethesda to the gaming industry, the Playstation 3 version of the admittedly most problematic. Since the initial release, many gamers have complained game that suddenly moves slow and stop along with the booming number of save points. Although it has been resolved with a few patches, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim version PS 3 back to issues related to the expansion pack is now being diligent disbursed by Bethesda itself. When the XBOX 360 and PC gamers have already started enjoying the epic battle between Vampires in DLC Dawnguard and build a beautiful household Hearthfire DLC, PS 3 gamers can still only hold envy. The question now is whether the PS 3 gamers will be able to enjoy this DLC-DLC?


After waiting long enough, Sony finally gives the latest updates regarding this one problem, and unfortunately, it may just be the news that do not want to be heard by most gamers PS 3. Through the mouth Pete Hines – VP of public relations of Bethesda itself, Sony still has not may confirm the presence of any associated Hearthfire for Skyrim Dawnguard and PS version 3. He stated that Bethesda and Sony still struggle to realize this and promised to give you an update as soon as possible if this has been successfully done and visit hill climb racing cheats

So, if you are a gamer who still enjoy the immensity Skyrim on the PlayStation 3 console, you seem to be a little more patient for a period of time could not be determined. Congratulations swallowed and help feeling jealous of the Xbox 360 and PC gamers!

Hitman: Absolution Presents 5 Difficulty

Many gamers are certainly cheering when IO Interactive and Square Enix finally confirmed the presence of the latest series of the popular assassin game – Hitman. Through Absolution, Square Enix wants to relive the epic adventure of Agent 47 who seemed to sink away. Not surprisingly, when the anticipation of this new series is so strong. However, in line with its rising popularity, not a few fans who fear that Square Enix will inject elements of action too obvious in Absolution, Hitman identity so as to uproot itself. If you are one of them, then the policy is injected Square and IO Interactive for this series will be enough to calm you and visit  marvel contest of champions cheats


It is no secret that for the sake of business, Square Enix must ensure that Hitman: Absolution is not only attractive to gamers who already recognize this franchise for a long time, but also gamers newcomers. To achieve the “heavy missions” on this one, Hitman: Absolution will come with 5 difficulty levels are varied, mostly involving instinct – 47 Agenty ability to find crucial information to complete a mission:

Enhanced Easy: extra checkpoint, regeneration, instinct will provide extra hints, and the enemy will react more slowly.
Enhanced Medium: extra checkpoint, no regeneration instinct, instinct will provide hints, and the enemy will react with normal speed.
Professional Hard: extra checkpoint, instinct will be reduced permanently – without regeneration, no hints of instinct, the enemy increased in terms of quantity and quality.
Professional Expert: no checkpoint, instinct will be reduced permanently – without regeneration, no hints of instinct, and the maximum number of enemies with the fastest reaction time.
Professional Purist: no help, no guide, no interfaces, there are only a crosshair.